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A little trick for your Mental Health you can do daily that takes minimal time

One of the most useful technique I use to help my mental health is the practice of guilt free “doing nothing”.

For me, the perfect time is when the kettle is boiling.

At this time I lean against the benchtop, put my phone away, read nothing, talk to no-one, and just wait.

This small amount of time – a few times a day – is really calming.

You don’t feel guilty as you are doing “nothing” because you can always say you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

So give it a go – a few mins a day with no devices, reading nothing – just staring into space while the kettle boils – is a great way to calm any anxious feelings and to keep your productivity up.

And at the end you get to enjoy a cup of tea as a reward!

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