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Why AI is here to Stay

I was lucky enough to get a Letter to the Editor published in this week’s Southern Argus – the August 17th Edition.

The Southern Argus is a local paper servicing the Fleurieu Peninsula in the southern part of South Australia.

Here is the content of the letter:

Dear Editor,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a passing trend, it’s a transformative force that’s here to stay.

The advancements in AI are undeniable, with its progress driven by the simple fact that it increases productively – like, a LOT. 

As a business owner, I use it to write social posts, policies, procedures and even draft articles.

As a software engineer, I routinely use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to help me code in several different languages. It’s not just me; many folks use it to write cover letters for job applications and improve their resumes.

ChatGPT can even dabble in poetry, and while it may not be the next Shakespeare, it can certainly churn out passable amateur prose and impressive Haikus.

The benefits don’t stop at creative writing.

ChatGPT can summarise long articles and YouTube videos, saving you time trolling through meaningless drivel that influencers pedal to pad out their content.

It can assist with Excel formulas, translate between languages, and for a touch of fun, it can even converse like a pirate!

And at the end of the day, you can ask ChatGPT for a recipe with the ingredients you have in the pantry and you’ll be able to serve your family SoupGPT for dinner! With the added bonus of throwing in an eye rolling Dad joke! It’s all win!

AI is more than just a technological marvel; it’s a tool that’s enhancing our lives in countless ways.

It’s time we embrace its long-term presence and the benefits it brings.


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