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A SaaS stack using Django

I was recently interviewed by Nick Janetakis from the Running in Production podcast to discuss the software stack I’m using for

Check it out here: HorseRecords interviewed by Running in Production

  • 6:11 – About 60ish users signed up about a month after launching
  • 8:34 – The process of learning Django while building this app
  • 11:29 – Using the Django admin and a bunch of other useful packages
  • 14:34 – Django Unicorn is being used for interactive bits w/o having to write a lot of JS
  • 18:34 – It’s a Django monolithic with a bunch of Django apps
  • 22:27 – How Django Rest Framework is being used for the reporting part of the app
  • 28:46 – The app is mostly Django rendered templates with sprinkles of JS and Unicorn
  • 34:00 – Stripe is handling payments, their API and docs are great
  • 41:02 – (1) $10 / month Linode server hosts everything with 1 CPU core and 2GB of memory
  • 45:25 – Picking the most recent version of Ubuntu and keeping deploys simple
  • 52:05 – Using Cloudflare for DNS and using their paid plan
  • 56:54 – Running tests locally before deploying it
  • 59:12 – Handling backups with Django DB Backup and Linode’s backup service
  • 1:02:12 – Using Sentry for exception reporting, viewing logs and Uptime Robot
  • 1:08:50 – Best tips? Install Sentry and have a good testing team

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