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How to Have an English Teacher in your pocket with ChatGPT

We all remember our maths teachers in school telling us that we needed to “know this stuff because you won’t have a calculator with you all the time” – well, the arrival of the mobile phone fixed that.

But what about having an English teacher at your disposal at all times? Well, with ChatGPT, that dream you didn’t know you had has come true!

If you are like me and the first draft of anything you write resembles something two drunken spiders might have scribbled, your problems are solved!

Simply copy and paste your prose into ChatGPT and use this prompt:

“Please check this text for spelling and grammar like a kindly English teacher would.”

And what ChatGPT produces will rock your socks! It will scrutinize each line of your text, providing grammar improvements, spelling and typo corrections, and even suggestions for a better tone.

One feature I appreciate is its ability to suggest removals of passive voice from your text, which gives what you’re saying a stronger tone.

I also tend to write a bit colloquially, so it offers suggestions in a way that doesn’t offend, helping you write betterer!

So give it a go – you can get ChatGPT and use it for free here.


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