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A simple trick to improve your ChatGPT Prompts

Prompt “Engineers” hate this one!

Ok so you have a prompt:

Prompt: Please generate an image of an unicorn riding a bike

I got these two images:

The trick is:

Ask ChatGPT how you can improve the prompt

It seems a bit circular but ChatGPT is always there to help – so let it help!

Prompt: how could I improve the prompt?

ChatGPT replies:

To enhance the prompt for an image of a unicorn riding a bicycle, you can consider adding more specific details to create a richer, more vivid scene. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Specify the Unicorn’s Appearance: You could describe the unicorn in more detail, such as the color and texture of its coat, the style of its mane and tail (e.g., curly, straight, adorned with flowers), and any unique markings or glowing elements.
  2. Bicycle Design: Elaborate on the bicycle’s design. You might describe its color, any decorative elements (like streamers or patterns), and whether it’s a modern or vintage style.
  3. Surrounding Environment: Enhance the background setting. If it’s a forest, describe the types of trees, the color of the foliage, any magical elements like glowing plants or fantastical creatures in the background.
  4. Lighting and Atmosphere: Mention the time of day and the quality of light (e.g., golden sunset, mystical twilight). Adding atmospheric elements like mist, sparkles, or floating orbs can add to the magic.
  5. Action and Expression: Describe the unicorn’s expression or pose to suggest movement or emotion. Is it joyfully galloping, gracefully trotting, or playfully hopping?
  6. Additional Characters or Elements: Consider adding more characters, like forest animals, fairies, or even a character riding or accompanying the unicorn.

Incorporating these elements can make your prompt more descriptive and help in generating an image that closely matches your vision.

Ok – time to adjust the prompt!


I’d like an image of a unicorn riding a bike. The Unicorn has a white coat, rainbow main and tail. It has a determined expression.

The bike it is riding is a unicycle. It is moving quite fast.

The unicorn is excaping from a dark and forboding mountain where it has defeated a red dragon. You can see stormclouds in the background.

The atmosphere is dark and foreboding.

The unicorn has a determined expression and is riding the bike as fast as she can.

there is a fairy off to the side laughing at the chaos.

This is the result:

I like the second image the most!

So the next time your want to improve your prompt – just ask ChatGPT!


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