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My thoughts on SaaS products

I was recently interviewed to give my thoughts on SaaS products. SaaS products have a number of advantages such as: Check out the post from Qarea here.

Success is Progress Not Perfection

Instead of striving for perfection, which is often unattainable, it is important to focus on making progress toward your goals. This means setting attainable objectives and consistently working toward them, even if you encounter setbacks along the way. It is better to celebrate small wins and progress along the way, rather than getting discouraged by the pursuit of an unrealistic ideal. By focusing on progress, you can build momentum and confidence, and eventually achieve the success that you desire.

Five Minutes for Me

I have been featured on the Wellness app Five Minutes for Me. I recorded 3 separate episodes on success, business tactics and tips for launching a software product. The articles are found in the “Productivity” Section. And yes – I sneaks… Read More »Five Minutes for Me

QR Codes in Django

A customer of mine has a lot of animals and wanted to scan a QR code of each animal before working on it. The code would then take them straight to the animal’s data entry page. Let’s see how it’s… Read More »QR Codes in Django